16 Interesting Portugal Facts

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16 Interesting Portugal Facts

Interesting Facts About Portugal

Alves dos Reis Portugal 179x219 11. In 1924, Artur Alves Reis pulled off one of the smartest bank heists in Portugal’s history by convincing Waterlow and Sons Limited to print 200,000 Portuguese Escudos worth 0.88% of the country’s nominal GDP at that time.

Portugal as a Neutrality During World War II

Portugal and Nazi Germany2. Portugal remained a neutral party during World War II, unlike many European countries. Although it traded with both Great Britain and Nazi Germany, Portugal freely supplied goods and tungsten necessary for the arms industry until mid-1944.

The Ancient City of Vilarinho da Furna

27148 vilarinho da furna portugal3. In 1967, an electricity company started building a dam supplying water from the River Homen, leading to the submerging of the ancient city of Vilarinho da Furna in three years. The electricity company paid off all residents to leave the village, which reappears when dam water levels drop.

The Treaty of Windsor

wwii in europe4. Portugal and England signed the Treaty of Windsor on May 9, 1386, which remains one of the longest-lasting alliances between the two nations, with both maintaining it for over 600 years.

Cocaine Legalization

017 portugal heroin legal.ngsversion.1498676973164.adapt.1900.15. Portugal legalized hard drugs, including cocaine and heroin, in 2001 via a decriminalization bill that allowed users to have drugs for ten days of personal use. However, recently, the number of crimes related to drug trafficking has risen.

The Submerged City of Vilarinho da Furna

017 portugal vilarinho da furna.ngsversion.1498676973164.adapt.1900.16. The ancient city of Vilarinho da Furna, which is submerged in water, was built by an electricity company that started building a dam supplying water from the River Homen. In 1972, the company paid off all residents to leave the village, which reappears when dam water levels drop.

King Pedro’s Revenge

king pedros revenge7. King Pedro’s wife was assassinated by a group of assailants, and when they were caught and found guilty, the king ripped out their hearts with his own bare hands as an act of revenge.

Lisbon’s Ancient History

27148 london vs lisbon who is the oldest city8. Rome, believed to be the cradle of modern civilization, is actually younger than Lisbon (by about 400 years). Archaeologists dating Lisbon to around 1200 BC make it the second most ancient city after Athens.

Portugal’s Size

0tOJZzW9. Portugal is the same size as , the world’s largest farm, covering 22,500,000 acres and home to thousands of dairy cows. The United States is 107 times bigger than Portugal.

Portuguese Laws

017 portugal laws brothels.ngsversion.1498676973164.adapt.1900.110. The laws in Portugal are very lenient towards commercial sex workers, as a trader working on the streets is permitted to work under certain conditions. However, brothels or any sort of cooperative for similar activities are banned.

Traffic Light Regulation

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