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16 Fascinating Malaysia Facts    

Interesting Facts About Malaysia and Its People Malaysia’s Contentious Relationship with Brad Pitt In 2002, Malaysia’s deputy information minister banned the airing of a Brad Pitt advertisement in the country because he believed the actor’s good looks made Malaysian men feel inferior. The official suggested that Toyota, which was planning to advertise in Malaysia, should […]


16 Fascinating Georgia (Country) Facts

Discover the Fascinating History, Culture and Natural Charms of Georgia Despite not being Europe’s most popular nation, Georgia offers a unique blend of fascinating history, culture, and natural beauty. Its location as a crossroad between Asia and Europe contributes to the diverse landscape that includes mountain ranges and breathtaking beaches. Random Facts About Georgia and […]

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13 Lesser-Known Libya Facts 

Interesting Facts About Libya Libya, one of Africa’s wealthiest countries due to its natural resources such as crude oil, has faced political instability, rebel wars, and Western interference. Let’s explore some lesser-known facts about this North African nation: 1. Libya Voted Against International Criminal Court In 1998, the International Criminal Court (ICC) was adopted by […]

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