16 Mind-Blowing Love Island (TV Show) Facts

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16 Mind-Blowing Love Island (TV Show) Facts

Love Island: A Look into Its Unique Facts

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Love Island, a reality dating show that has taken the world by storm, is an international sensation with 22 versions across various countries. The UK-based series first aired in 2005 and was revived in 2015. Here are some lesser-known facts about Love Island:

Love Island’s Evolution

Despite being filmed for a UK audience, Love Island has expanded to become an international program with 22 versions. Among the popular international adaptations are France and Canada.

Smoking Policy Changes

During earlier seasons, contestants were seen smoking within the villa or next to the pool. However, starting from season four, smoking on camera was banned due to hundreds of complaints from viewers who felt it promoted the habit and influenced younger viewers.

Cameras Everywhere

The cameras on Love Island aren’t limited to the main areas. They even capture content filmed in the toilets, though this footage is not made public.

Reality vs. Perfection

Love Island isn’t a 100% reality show; some scenes, like entrances, are produced and shot multiple times to achieve the perfect shot.

Strict Alcohol Policies

Producers of Love Island are strict when it comes to alcohol consumption. Contestants are not allowed to consume excessive amounts, fearing such behavior.

Island Life

Contestants get a day off to relax and engage in leisure activities during their downtime. They also take time to clean their villas, though they don’t have to worry about carrying a microphone everywhere.

Dumping and Re-coupling

When contestants get dumped from the villa, they are sent to another location where no action takes place. This is done to hide the identity of those evicted from the main villa, as re-couplings are often pre-recorded two days earlier.

Island Time

To disconnect from the world, Love Islanders do not have access to phones, computers, or the internet during filming. Chaperones are also in charge of organizing flights and accommodations.


Contestants do not cook for themselves; however, there is an open kitchen where they can prepare a snack or prepare meals by utilizing on-site caterers.

Late Night Voting

Some Love Island re-couplings take place as late as three in the morning due to voting closing at 11:30 pm Spanish time.

Brand Consistency

Love Island contestants are not allowed to wear famous clothing brands like Gucci or Channel unless approved by the producers. The show markets its brand through branded water bottles and other merchandise.

Strict Violence Policy

Love Island enforces a strict policy against violence, with one notable example in 2019 when Sherif Lanre was removed from the show for allegedly kicking Molly-Mae in the groin.

Makeup and Hair

Contestants are required to do their own makeup and hair, except for the finals. This is why many contestants spend a considerable amount of time in the dressing room during episodes.

Adult Bonding

Some islanders engage in adult activities to bond with their romantic partners. All contestants undergo strict STD tests to ensure a safe environment.

Applying for Love Island

Love Island producers consider random individuals as potential contestants. However, they also accept applications from various contestants who submit their own materials.

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