13 Interesting Mascots Facts

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13 Interesting Mascots Facts

Interesting Facts About Mascots

Mascots have a rich history, dating back to the 19th century when they were used as lucky charms. The term “mascotte” comes from the French word “mascotte,” meaning a lucky charm or animal used to bring good fortune.

Mascots in Sports and Entertainment

While most mascots are associated with good luck and positive vibes, they also play an important role in boosting team morale. Some famous examples include Rocky the Nuggets’ mascot and Harry the Hawk of the Atlanta Hawks.

The Power and History of MGM’s Roaring Lion

MGM’s lion mascot is not just a visual representation but also carries immense historical significance. Jackie, the seven-lion MGM mascot, has survived numerous disasters and continues to be an important part of the film studio’s history.

Mascots in Education and Military

Even musicians like Iron Maiden have embraced mascots, with their iconic character Eddie. In the military, animals such as cats were used as mascots during World War 2.

The Professional Training and Summer Camps for Mascot Enthusiasts

Despite their seemingly playful nature, mascots undergo professional training to ensure they perform correctly during events. Many states have mascot summer camps where enthusiasts can be trained in various skills, while formal mascot schools are also available.

Mascot Fights and Marketing Investments

Many mascot fights before games are pre-planned to entertain fans, while some NBA teams’ mascots earn sizable annual salaries. In advertising and marketing, brands have invested millions in their mascots for positive public image.

Musicians and Mascots

While mascots are commonly associated with sports institutions and marketing brands, some musicians have adopted the use of mascots in their performances or promotions.

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