13 Amazing Legs Facts       

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13 Amazing Legs Facts       

Fascinating Facts About Legs: From Usain Bolt to Samurais

Winder Perez’s Rocket Surgery

While serving in Afghanistan in 2012, US Marine Winder Perez was shot by a rocket-propelled grenade that didn’t detonate. The grenade pierced his leg, necessitating surgery from both a surgeon and an explosives disposal expert – this groundbreaking procedure was later referred to as “rocket surgery.”

Samurais’ Unique Restroom Habits

Historical records reveal that samurais, the renowned Japanese warriors, adopted an unusual practice while in the restroom. They would poop with one leg completely out of their pants to ensure they could swiftly react if a fight ensued.

Usain Bolt’s Unique Physique

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, was born with a leg length difference due to scoliosis. This unique physique has sparked debate among scientists regarding whether his incredible sprint speeds can be attributed to it or in spite of it.

Santa Anna’s Amputated Leg and State Funeral

Mexican President Santa Anna led the country on 11 historical occasions, including during the Pastry War. Injured by a grapeshot, he was forced to undergo an amputation of one leg. In 1842, during his third term as Mexico’s president, Santa Anna organized a state funeral for the shriveled leg, complete with orations, poem recitations, and cannon salvos.

Santa Anna’s Prosthetic Leg and Its Theft

After the amputation, Santa Anna acquired a prosthetic wooden leg. In 1847, during the Mexican-American War, he was ambushed while taking a nap and had his prosthetic leg stolen. The second leg was also later taken, leaving Santa Anna without both legs – the two legs are now displayed at the Illinois State Military Museum.

Maci Currin’s Extremely Long Legs

In 2021, a young American woman, Maci Currin, was confirmed to have legs measuring 53.255 inches (left) and 52.874 inches (right). This unique condition, known as hemihypertrophy, has gained her significant attention.

Shelly Bauman’s Tragic Loss and Nightclub

In 1970, Shelly Bauman lost her left leg in a tragic accident at the Seattle Bastille Day parade. She subsequently sued the parade organizers and was awarded damages, which she used to open a nightclub named “Shelly’s Leg.”

Frank Lentini: The Three-Legged Sideshow Performer

Born with a parasitic twin attached to his body at the base of his spine, Frank Lentini grew up to become a sideshow performer with three legs. Despite initial embarrassment, he became one of the most popular performers, using his unique condition to entertain crowds.

Spider Legs: No Muscles, Yet Still Extendible

Some spider species, such as tarantulas, do not have leg-extending muscles. Instead, they rely on the blood pressure from their heartbeats to re-inflate their legs and extend them back into position.

The Discovered Leg of the Oklahoma City Bombing Victim

After the devastating Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, a severed left leg was discovered in the rubble. DNA evidence confirmed it belonged to one of the victims, Norman Levy. When his family was returned the leg, they found that she was already buried with two legs. The mystery leg’s origins remain unclear.

Elephants: The Only Land Mammals That Can’t Jump

Interestingly, elephants are the only known land mammals that cannot jump. This is due to their legs’ inability to handle the impact of their substantial body weight upon landing.

Sigurd the Mighty: The Bizarre Death of a Legendary Leader

Norwegian leader Sigurd Eysteinsson, also known as Sigurd the Mighty, ruled between approximately 875 and 892. His death was unusual – he died from complications after being bitten on the leg by a bodiless head, which he had taken as a trophy.

John Wood’s Leg and the Court Battle

In 1985, John Wood lost his father in a tragic Cessna crash. He wanted to preserve his father’s leg as a memorial, so he placed it in a grill for drying – an early form of embalming. However, Wood also struggled with drug addiction and forgot about the leg in the grill when he put it up for auction. Shannon Whisnant, the buyer, saw an opportunity for fame and marketed himself as the “footman,” leading to a lengthy court performance between Wood and Whisnant.

Legs: A Popular Insurance Choice

After gaining international fame from “Riverdance,” Michael Flatley insured his legs for $50 million. Many other celebrities have also followed suit, as research indicates that legs rank only behind the heart and eyes when it comes to body parts people would like to insure.

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