15 Staggering Trampoline Facts

15 Staggering Trampoline Facts - General Knowledge - News

15 Staggering Trampoline Facts

Staggering Trampoline Facts

On March 8, 2023, 376 participants set a record for the most people jumping on trampolines at an event arranged by Saudi Arabia’s Leejam Sports Company. This milestone highlights the evolution of trampolines, which were initially used for recreational purposes but have transformed into a competitive sport.

Notable Events

  • In 1964, Ted Blake organized the first Trampoline World Championships in London, England.
  • Today, trampolining is an Olympic sport with athletes competing at the highest stages, including the Summer Olympics.

Development of Trampolines

The origins of trampolines can be traced back to the early 1900s when Inuit people used walrus skin to toss blanket dancers into the air during whale harvest celebrations. Trampoline-like life nets were also used by firefighters to rescue people from burning buildings around 1887.

Inventors of the Modern Trampoline

While the exact inventor of the modern trampoline remains uncertain, George Nissen and Larry Griswold, both students at the University of Iowa, United States, are credited with developing the first modern trampoline in 1936. George Nissen was a diving competitor while Larry Griswold was a tumbler.

Impact of Trampolines

Trampolining has evolved into a competitive sport with superstars, and during World War II, the United States Navy Flight School used trampolines to train pilots and navigators, helping them adapt to various body positions. Trampolines also feature in the luxurious homes of billionaires like Bill Gates.

Safety Measures

In response to accidents in commercial trampoline parks, safer alternatives have been established, and today, more people enjoy recreational trampolining at these parks.

Notable Records

The United Kingdom’s Brian Hudson holds the record for most trampoline jumps with 3,333.

Austria’s Finn Pirmin Pilz has performed the most backward somersaults on a trampoline in one hour with 1,064.

Germany’s Lina Kuhbacher holds the record for most seat drops on a trampoline in one minute with 59.

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