13 Historical Marcus Aurelius Facts

13 Historical Marcus Aurelius Facts - General Knowledge - News

13 Historical Marcus Aurelius Facts

Outrageous Facts About Marcus Aurelius, Father of Stoicism

Marcus Aurelias, widely considered as the father of stoicism, ruled the Roman Empire from 161 to 180 AD. Although he is widely celebrated as a philosopher, most of his time as a leader was spent fighting different wars.

Did you know that Marcus Aurelius suffered from the Antonine plague, which is believed to have been a contagious disease at the time?

A Reminder of His Humility

His subjects showered him with praise, but Marcus Aurelias remained humble. Whenever someone mentioned something positive to Marcus, his aide would whisper to his ear, “You’re just a man … just a man.”

A Remarkable Survival Rate for Imperial Statues

Out of the two imperial statues that survived the destruction of Rome, one was that of Marcus Aurelius.

A Lesson in Legacy

After Marcus Aurelius’ death, his son, Commodus, took over. Unfortunately, he fell short of the standards set by his father.

The Unlikely Path to the Throne

Marcus Aurelias was adopted by his grandfather after his father, Annius, died when he was three. His adoption into the royal family occurred under the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

The Time-Conquering Stoic

Despite leading the Roman Empire for 12 years, Marcus Aurelius spent most of his time at war. With his step-brother Lucius Verus, he fought in the Parthian and Marcomannic wars.

A Unique Philophopher

Marcus Aurelius found time to develop unique philosophies despite his busy schedule. In fact, he was known to lead a dance group while studying at the College of Salii.

A Fondness for His Adopted Mother

Although not much is known about Marcus Aurelias’ biological mother, he spoke fondly of her in his book, Meditations.

Emotional Expressions Amidst the Stoicism

Marcus Aurelias, a stoic ruler, was not immune to emotions. He shed tears when his favorite tutor passed away and when he learned about the many lives lost due to the Antonine plague.

A Co-Emperor’s Unique Tribute

Lucius Verus, one of Marcus’ co-emperors, sprinkled gold dust on his hair to make it appear shiny.

An Uknown Dependence

It is believed that Marcus Aurelias relied on opium for medicinal benefits, although its use was often discussed in low tones.

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