12 Awesome Cartoon Network Facts

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12 Awesome Cartoon Network Facts

Fun Facts About Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network, a go-to entertainment channel for kids born in the ’90s, has been entertaining people worldwide since its launch in 1992. The franchise has evolved over time to keep up with changing audiences and introduced newer versions to cater to diverse tastes.

Originals and Firsts

The Moxy Show was the first cartoon aired on Cartoon Network, debuting on December 5, 1993. Seth MacFarlane, known for his hit animated series Family Guy, helped write scripts for popular shows like Cow and Chicken and Johnny Bravo before his fame.


In 2008, Cartoon Network aired adult content for almost an hour to Tennessee cable subscribers, causing backlash and criticism from parents and guardians.

Movie Success

Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip, inspired by Cartoon Network, was a massive hit. It prompted the production of another movie based on The PowerPuff Girls, marking them as some of the earliest original productions by Cartoon Network.

Adult Content Concerns

Ed, Edd, and Eddy faced criticism for containing dirty jokes and adult magazines, potentially unsuitable for young viewers.

Unappreciated Success

Space Ghost Coast to Coast, an original show by Cartoon Network, received little investment from the producers and had to recycle much of its footage.

The Founder

Betty Cohen, a media executive and businesswoman who founded Cartoon Network, served as its president from 1992 to 2001. She previously worked for Nickelodeon and Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). Today, she is the CEO of Hearts and Minds Media.

Mexican Support

In 1999, Cartoon Network faced backlash when it banned a Mexican cartoonist due to his cartoons portraying racial stereotypes. The Mexicans defended Gonzalez, leading Cartoon Network to revoke its ban.

Gerard Way’s Early Career

The lead singer for “My Chemical Romance,” Gerard Way, was an intern at Cartoon Network before quitting following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He pitched an idea for a cartoon called The Breakfast Monkey but was disapproved.

Themed Park

In Bangsaray, Thailand, there is a park with ten theme zones featuring characters from shows like Johnny Bravo and Adventure Time. The park also has a rainfall backdrop that adds to its magical atmosphere.

Censorship in Australia

While Cartoon Network primarily targets children, shows like Adventure Time and The Regular Show are heavily censored in Australia.

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