15 Hard-Hitting WWE Facts

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15 Hard-Hitting WWE Facts

WWE Facts: Star Power and Behind-the-Scenes Moments

1. Hard-Hitting Facts About WWE Superstars:

* Kane


Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs, serves his second term as mayor of Knoxville County. The 7-foot big red machine was first elected in 2018 before being re-elected for a second term in 2022.

2. Upsetting Incidents and Unforgettable MOMENTS:

* The Undertaker


The Undertaker caught fire during a 2010 WWE elimination chamber pay-per-view match. His jacket accidentally caught fire, subjecting the renowned wrestler to an incident that would later be attributed to a pyrotechnician.

3. Fan Support and Asthma Concerns:

* Dave Bautista


In an interview, Dave Bautista revealed that he hid inhalers under WWE rings to manage asthma. Since the revelation, fans worldwide have applauded his bravery in participating in a physically demanding sport with asthma.

4. The Global Appeal of WWE:

* WWE China


WWE has a massive fanbase in China, leading the organization to require superstars to learn basic Mandarin for marketing purposes whenever they visit the country.

5. Following in Family Tradition:

* Ava Raine


Simone Johnson, the daughter of Aka The Rock, is also known as Ava Raine and competes in WWE matches.

6. Rebranding and Evolution:

* WWF logo (WWE)


The World Wrestling Entertainment changed its name from WWF to WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.

7. Addressing Concussions:

* Mark Henry


Several WWE stars have pledged their brains to research concussions after they pass away, aiming to improve how others manage and deal with such injuries.

8. Miscellaneous Fun Facts:

* Mankind


Mick Foley, popularly known as Mankind, narrates how he lost his ear during a WWE match in his biography, Have a Nice Day.

* Piledriver


Piledriver is a wrestling move in which a wrestler grabs an opponent, turns them upside-down, and then drops to a kneeling or sitting position. It was utilized because it’s risky and often resulted in injuries.

* Blading


WWE banned blading in 2008 to make the show PG-compliant.

* Undertaker and Cucumbers


The Undertaker dislikes cucumbers, which he used to throw up in a waffle house after seeing one floating on his iced tea.

* WWE Library


The WWE has a Legacy Department Library that contains footage dating back to the 1950s.

9. The Origins of WWE:

* Jess McMahon


Jess McMahon informally started the WWE in the early 1920s, organizing wrestling tournaments within New York City before finding Capitol Wrestling Corporation.

10. The WWE’s Year-Round Schedule:

* WWE schedule


Unlike most sports that take breaks for players to rest, the WWE does not have an off-season; events are planned for the entire year.

11. Costume Approval and Controversies:

* WWE Costume Dispute


No matter how creative some WWE superstars are, they must obtain approval from the management for their costumes. In most cases, their ideas are rejected.

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