16 Intriguing Steering Wheels Facts

16 Intriguing Steering Wheels Facts - General Knowledge - News

16 Intriguing Steering Wheels Facts

Fun Facts About Steering Wheels in 2022

In 2022, 412 people created the largest human image of a vehicle steering wheel, which was recognized by Guinness World Records in Madrid, Spain. Steering wheels play an essential role in automobiles, and for this reason, we bring you some intriguing facts about them.

Expensive Steering Wheels

Lewis Hamilton’s F1 steering wheel costs an estimated $100,000 due to its advanced features like buttons, dials, and knobs necessary for racing. While this might seem exorbitant compared to regular steering wheels, it offers superior performance.

The Evolution of Steering Wheels

Initially called a “whip” in the world of Hip Hop, it was a popular term during the 1920s before the term “steering wheel” was coined and widely adopted. Today, the term is commonly associated with luxurious cars.

Steering Wheel Positions

In driving schools, instructors train people to hold the steering wheel at a 10 to 2 position. However, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration recommends switching to the 3 to 9 position for better car control and minimizing airbag injury risks.

Cars without Steering Wheels

The Prometheus, a car designed by Saab in 1992, did not have a steering wheel but instead featured a pedal for driver operation. Unfortunately, the vehicle never made it to production.

Bacteria-Filled Steering Wheels

Studies have shown that steering wheels are filled with dirt and bacteria, making them dirtier than public elevator buttons. While many focus on cleaning car exteriors, it’s essential to maintain the interior as well.

Airbags in Steering Wheels

Audi was the last German automaker to implement airbags in steering wheels. Before that, they used a mechanism called Procon-ten, where cables would pull the steering wheel down and away from the driver during a collision.

USPS Mail Trucks Have Steering Wheels

Unlike most cars, USPS mail trucks have right-handed steering wheels. They are designed to help carriers reach mailboxes easily and quickly, and drivers who operate them must undergo special training to avoid accidents and enhance general safety.

Unique Features of Modern Cars

Modern cars have a unique feature that returns them to the center after you turn, achieved by setting a caster angle on the front wheels. This is a departure from earlier steering wheel designs.

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