15 Interesting Travis the Chimpanzee Facts

15 Interesting Travis the Chimpanzee Facts - General Knowledge - News

15 Interesting Travis the Chimpanzee Facts

Travis the Chimpanzee: The Extraordinary Primate with Human Skills

Travis, a chimpanzee born in 1995, was an extraordinary primate known for exhibiting human skills that no other animal could. Unfortunately, his life ended tragically in 2009 when he attacked and severely disfigured his owner’s neighbor, Charla Nash. Here are some fascinating facts about Travis the chimpanzee.

Early Life and Training

Travis was a talented animal actor who made appearances in commercials and TV shows such as The Man Show and The Maury Povich Show. He displayed remarkable human abilities like watering plants, feeding horses, dressing himself, opening doors with keys, drinking from a stemmed glass, and even showing excellent culinary skills. Incredibly, Travis could boot a ball, use a computer, take pictures, operate a remote-controlled TV, and was a baseball fan.

Origins and Adoption

Travis was born in Festus, Missouri, but his parents, Suzy and Coco, were imported from Africa in the late 70s. Travis was taken away from his mother just three days after birth by a breeder. Later, he was bought for $50,000 by Sandra and Jerome Herold and renamed Travis Tritt after Sandra’s favorite Country Music singer.

Life with the Herolds

Travis became an integral part of the Herold family, especially after Sandra lost her child in a car crash and her husband, Jerome, four years later. Travis and Sandra shared a close bond, living together, eating, sleeping, and bathing daily. Their towing company even became a workplace for Travis as he posed for photos in his trademark baseball shirt and rode around town with the Herolds.

Road Rage Incident

Travis, like many other humans, was known to have road rage. In 2003, someone threw an empty soda bottle at their car, hitting Travis, who angrily unbuckled his seatbelt and chased the perpetrator. The incident led to a ban on keeping heavy primates in Connecticut, but Travis was not deemed a public safety risk at the time.

Attack on Charla Nash

In 2009, Travis attacked his neighbor, Charla Nash, who he had worked with at the towing company. The cause of the attack remains unclear, but it’s believed that Travis might have been confused by Charla’s hairstyle and car at the time.

Aftermath of the Attack

Following the attack, Charla Nash sustained severe injuries that required multiple surgeries. Travis’ body was taken for tests, including a check for rabies, and the University of Connecticut claimed his remains for an autopsy. The rest of Travis’ remains were cremated.

Compensation and Mental Health

Charla Nash’s family filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the attack, which was eventually settled for about $4 million in 2012. The police officer who shot Travis, Frank Chiafari, was later reported to be suffering from mental issues due to the shooting. An attempt to sue Connecticut’s DEP failed.

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