14 Enlightening Die Hard (Film) Facts

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14 Enlightening Die Hard (Film) Facts

Title: The Unforgettable Journey of Bruce Willis in Die Hard: Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Facts

H2: The Unconventional Casting of Bruce Willis as John McClane

Before the release of Die Hard, 20th Century Fox desperately sought an established actor for their leading role. Remarkably, they selected Bruce Willis as detective John McClane against all odds. Today, Die Hard is hailed as one of the best action films in Hollywood’s history and significantly influenced how movies in this genre were produced. However, it wasn’t just Bruce Willis who made this film a success. Here are some intriguing facts about Die Hard that will make your day.

H2: The Rejections Before Bruce Willis: Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Harrison Ford, and Others

Before Bruce Willis took on the role of John McClane, several popular actors including Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, and Harrison Ford declined the offer. Reports indicate that Bruce Willis was paid $5 million for his role, making him one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors at the time.

H2: Bruce Willis’ Hearing Loss: A Result of Filming Die Hard

Today, Bruce Willis is partially deaf in his left ear due to the explosions and gunfire he experienced while filming Die Hard. He described an incident during shooting that led to his hearing loss and now tends to ask “whaa?” in response to certain sounds.

H2: Bruce Willis’ Visit to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

In 2007, Bruce Willis visited the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and donated a movie poster, a script, and a prop police badge from Die Hard.

H2: The Criticized Investment: Producers’ Doubts and the Film’s Success

The decision to cast Bruce Willis as John McClane and pay him $5 million was met with criticism from the film’s producers. Despite their doubts, Die Hard grossed approximately $140 million, making it one of the top 10 highest-grossing films of that year.

H2: The “Barefoot” Scene: Myth or Reality?

In the film, John McClane performs some scenes barefoot, such as running through glass shards. However, this was not entirely accurate; McClane wore special rubber shoes to mimic the appearance of bare feet.

H2: The Misleading Marketing and Bruce Willis’ Absence in Posters

Marketers believed no one wanted to see an action movie starring “the funny guy from Moonlighting,” so they focused on pictures of Nakatomi Plaza and barely featured Bruce Willis in the original posters. However, after the film gained traction, they had to include him more prominently in their promotions.

H2: The Script and John McClane’s Character Shaped by Real-Life Events

Screenwriter Jeb Stuart wrote the Die Hard script, drawing inspiration from real-life experiences, such as driving away from an argument with his wife and returning home to reconcile before writing 35 pages that night. These events influenced the development of John McClane’s character.

H2: The “German Terrorists” or Not?

Despite having 9 out of 12 terrorists being over six feet tall, the film’s producer prioritized appearances rather than nationality. Only two of the actors were German; the others spoke gibberish. In the German adaptation of the film, there is no mention of the actors being from Germany.

H2: The Original Name for John McClane and Its Connection to a Legendary Director

Initially, the character John McClane was named John Ford. However, 20th Century Fox felt this name did not have a positive perception due to its similarity to the late director, John Martin Feeney, professionally known as John Ford. The name McClane was chosen because it had “strong Scottish” connotations.

Frank Sinatra

H2: Frank Sinatra’s Unwanted Involvement

Because Die Hard was based on the novel sequel to The Detective, 20th Century Fox was contractually obliged to cast Elliott Gould, who played Joe Leland in The Detective. However, he turned down the offer, leaving an iconic role for Bruce Willis to claim.

H2: The Real Nakatomi Plaza and 20th Century Fox’s Unique Arrangement

Die Hard was filmed at the real 20th Century Studios headquarters, which was then an unfinished building. The company paid itself for using the building, granting the cast and crew freedom to film action scenes and stunts without restraint. Jeb Stuart, the film’s writer, even took a tour of the building before writing the script and incorporated its main features.

H2: Alan Rickman’s Reluctance to Play Hans Gruber

Alan Rickman is renowned for portraying Hans Gruber in Die Hard. However, he hesitated to accept the role initially as he did not want to be typecast as a villain due to his recent arrival in Hollywood. Eventually, he agreed and delivered an exceptional performance that left a lasting impact on his career.

H2: Bruce Willis’ Commitment to Moonlighting Almost Cost Him Die Hard

Although Bruce Willis was the eventual choice for detective John McClane, he almost missed out on the opportunity due to his commitment to filming Moonlighting. Fortunately, Cybill Shepard became pregnant and everyone was given 11 weeks off, providing enough time for Bruce Willis to be ready for Die Hard.

H2: The Debate on Whether Die Hard Is a Christmas Movie

Die Hard has been the subject of ongoing debate among fans and critics, with some claiming it is a Christmas movie due to its holiday setting and soundtrack. However, Die Hard was first released in the middle of July 1988 with the intention of being a summer blockbuster.

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