16 Astonishing Ferrari Facts

16 Astonishing Ferrari Facts - General Knowledge - News

16 Astonishing Ferrari Facts

Amazing Ferrari Facts

Ferrari is known for its classy, high-end, fast, and cutting-edge technology cars. Here are some fascinating facts about this iconic brand:

Enzo Ferrari

  • In 1963, Ford tried to buy Ferrari but Enzo declined as he would not oversee the racing department.
  • When Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of rival Lamborghini, expressed dissatisfaction with Ferrari cars, Enzo invited him to create his own car if he was unhappy.

Rivals and Merchandising

  • Merchandise: Ferrari sells merchandise like t-shirts, keychains, sunglasses, and hats. Car manufacturers make more money from selling these products than cars.
  • Rival rivalry: In the past, rumors suggested that Ferrari owners or drivers used unauthorized tracks. However, this myth has been proven false by Google Executive Benjamin Sloss and his wife.

Inventor Galileo Ferrari

April 1888: Galileo Ferrari invented the induction motor, which converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.

Special Editions

  • Connections and loyalty: To get special editions of Ferrari, one must either have well-connected connections with the brand or be a loyal customer for a long time. Potential candidates are thoroughly vetted to ensure they fit perfectly.

Legacy and Racing Success

Racing wins: Ferrari has won over 100 races since entering the 1950s. The recent switch of Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes to Ferrari highlights Ferrari’s massive presence in the racing world.

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