15 Lesser-Known Buckingham Palace Facts

15 Lesser-Known Buckingham Palace Facts - Places - News

15 Lesser-Known Buckingham Palace Facts

Lesser-Known Buckingham Palace Facts

In this article, we explore some lesser-known facts about Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the UK Royal Family.

1. A Painter Broke In

In 1982, a painter known as John Lennon broke into Buckingham Palace and managed to enter the Queen’s bedroom. However, he was quickly caught.

2. A Whopping 40,000 Light Bulbs

Buckingham Palace is home to more than 40,000 light bulbs – inside and outside the royal residence.

3. A Historic Tradition

A long-standing tradition at Buckingham Palace involves the Queen (or King) being accompanied by a ceremonial hostage whenever they go to Parliament. This practice dates back to the 1600s.

4. Rising to Monarch Status

The Buckingham Palace assumed monarch status when Queen Victoria moved in in 1837, following renovations that made the residence inhabitable. Prior to her arrival, Buckingham Palace was reportedly dirty and uninhabitable.

5. A Fake Set for “Crown”

Update: The Buckingham Palace set used in the TV series “The Crown” is fake, as official security measures do not allow filming at the actual residence.

6. Queen Elizabeth II’s Perception of Buckingham Palace

During Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, she viewed Buckingham Palace as more of an office where she would run errands. She often spent her nights at Windsor Castle instead.

7. A Paraglider Landed Naked on the Roof

In 1994, an American paraglider named James Milner landed naked on the roof of Buckingham Palace and was later arrested and deported.

8. A Secured Residence

Before 1993, Buckingham Palace was not open to the public. It wasn’t until Queen Elizabeth assumed power that this rule changed.

9. Other Residents and Staff Members

Buckingham Palace is not just home to the King or Queen but also accommodates other monarchs and staff members, such as Prince Edward and Phillip.

10. A Wealthy “Small Town”

With its amenities, Buckingham Palace is often considered a small town due to its size and wealth.

11. Blenheim Palace Outshines Buckingham

Interestingly, despite its prominence and size, the Blenheim Palace, owned by the Churchill family, is larger and more historically significant than Buckingham.

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