17 Fascinating Clowns Facts

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17 Fascinating Clowns Facts

Exploring the Fascinating World of Clowns: A Guide to Their History, Culture, and Impact

Clowns have captivated audiences for centuries with their antics, makeup, and costumes. While they are often viewed as harmless jokers or terrifying figures, the truth is that clowns have left an indelible mark on society and culture. From their role in entertainment to their influence on art and psychology, this article delves into the fascinating history and impact of clowns.

The Fear of Clowns

One of the most common fears among children, clowns have a reputation for instilling feelings of unease and anxiety. According to research, those predisposed to anxiety are more susceptible to the fear of clowns, which is known as coulrophobia.

The Clown Car Routine

One of the iconic circus clown routines, the clown car involves numerous performers emerging from a small vehicle. Although many people believe this to be an illusion, it’s actually a result of removing the internal components of the vehicle to create space for as many performers as possible.

The Impact of Clowns in Crisis

Clowns have proven to be a valuable resource in communities facing hardship and crisis. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), such as Clowns Without Borders, utilize clowns to provide laughter and alleviate sadness during difficult times.

The Evolution of Clowning

In the past, clowns were used to imitate lower-class characters in society, primarily alcoholics. While red noses were once part of their dress code to portray the ruddy complexion of drunkards, it’s now more a matter of personal preference among clowns.

The Clown’s Code of Ethics

To uphold the art of being a clown, performers adhere to a set of rules known as the Code of Conduct. The eight guidelines cover their behavior, dress code, makeup application, and general performance etiquette.

Notable Clowns in History

From Joseph Grimaldi to Bozo the Clown, the world has seen many memorable clown characters. In 2014, North Dakota recorded the highest number of available clowns for hire, despite being one of the least scary states.

The Future of Clowning

Today, some schools teach aspiring performers how to be professional clowns, focusing on creativity and authenticity. While the Clown School in Los Angeles is more well-known, there are numerous other schools across the United States dedicated to nurturing clown talent.


Clowns have left a lasting impact on our culture and society, both as sources of entertainment and symbols of humanity’s lighter side. By exploring the fascinating history and cultural significance of clowns, we gain a deeper appreciation for their role in our world.

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