12 Fascinating Shirley Temple Facts

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12 Fascinating Shirley Temple Facts

Shirley Temple: A Child Star Legend

Very few individuals have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry like Shirley Temple, a celebrated child star who remains one of the most famous actors in history. Born to American parents in California in 1928, Shirley began her film career at just three years old. In 1934, she starred in the iconic movie “Bright Eyes,” which catapulted her to stardom.


Shirley’s accomplishments extended far beyond acting. In 1939, she was appointed the United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana, a testament to her versatility and dedication to public service.

Juvenile Academy Award

In 1935, when she was 6 years old, Shirley Temple won a special Juvenile Academy Award for her exceptional performance in motion pictures. She became the youngest recipient of the award and did so before fellow child star Judy Garland, who was 6 years older than Shirley.

First Female Oscars Presenter

At the same event, she also became the youngest presenter of Academy Awards ever. Shirley Temple proudly presented the “Best Actress” award to Claudette Colbert.


Despite her talent and success, Shirley Temple faced backlash throughout her career. The most damaging myth about the young actress was that she wasn’t a child but a 30-year-old dwarf. This rumor persisted so much that even her peers questioned her age.

Hiding Her Natural Appearance

To protect her youthful appearance, Shirley Temple wore dental plates and caps whenever she had gaps in her teeth. Her natural hair was also a subject of rumors, with some people believing that she wore wigs. In reality, Shirley wore her real hair and often admired the idea of wearing wigs.

Diplomatic Career

After retiring from acting, Shirley served as a United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana. In 1969, she also became the first female chief of protocol in the United States under President Gerald Ford.

Autobiography and Fortune

In her autobiography, Shirley revealed that she earned around $3 million during her 20th Century Fox tenure. Only about $45,000 was deposited into her trust fund for her past achievements.

The Shirley Temple Drink

Popularly known as the Shirley Temple, this non-alcoholic drink traditionally consisted of ginger ale with a splash of grenadine and maraschino cherry. Today, recipes vary, often replacing ginger ale with lemonade or orange juice.

Personal Life

Shirley Temple fell in love with Charles Black, a shipping company employee, after meeting in Honolulu. She also shared stories of her time working with Producer Arthur Freed and his infamous behavior.

Bright Eyes

Shirley’s most iconic film was “Bright Eyes,” which showcased her acting talent and marked the beginning of her illustrious career in Hollywood. Most of her fame came from starring in films like “The Little Colonel,” “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,” “The Little Princess,” and, of course, “Bright Eyes.”

Lessons from a Star-Studded Life

Shirley Temple’s life serves as an inspiring reminder of the importance of perseverance, determination, and dedication to public service. Her story remains a testament to the power of overcoming adversity and chasing one’s dreams.

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