14 Exciting Hiking Facts

14 Exciting Hiking Facts - General Knowledge - News

14 Exciting Hiking Facts

The Many Advantages and Fascinating Facts about Hiking

By now, you might be convinced that hiking is not just a fun activity, but also an incredibly beneficial one for your overall well-being. Here are some exciting facts and insights about this popular outdoor pastime:

1. The Great Trail in Canada: Longest Hiking Trail in the World

Stretching for 14,912 miles, the Great Trail in Canada is the longest hiking trail in the world. Initially known as the Trans Canada Trail, the path goes through 13 provinces and was opened to the public in 2017.

2. A Historical Look at Hiking

“Even though one can go hiking solo, experts agree that it is safer to go as a group. Hiking in huge numbers gives you a better chance of scaring away animals and even defending yourselves in case of an attack. Also, you have access to more resources and ideas as a group.” – Unknown Author

3. Hiking Popularity in the United States

“In 2014, Kyra Kopestonsky took a hike through the trails in Down Valley Park. While exploring the trail, she noticed a mountain lion stalking her. The lion kept stalking her, and when it got close, Kyra decided to sing an opera song loudly. Surprisingly, this made the mountain lion leave her alone. – Assististant

4. A Unique Father’s Day Tradition in Germany

“Father’s Day (Vatertag) in Germany differs slightly from what happens in other parts of the world. To mark the day, men from the region usually gather and go for a hike armed with drinks to keep them hydrated and psyched up. All men, including those without kids, are allowed to go on these hikes.” – Assistant

5. National Hiking Day

“Every November 17, hiking enthusiasts take the day to encourage others to get outside and hit the trails. Over 80,000 miles of hiking trails are waiting to be explored; the day is used to spread awareness of the importance of taking advantage of them.” – Assistant

6. Scotland’s Remote Bar: A Hiking Adventure

“To reach the , Britain’s most remote bar, one has to hike for 15 miles from Kinloch Hourn, a village in Scotland. Alternatively, an individual can take a 5-mile boat ride from Mallaig. However, hiking enthusiasts say the best trail to the Old Forge is the 28-mile hike from Glenfinnan.” – Assistant

7. Hiking Therapeutic Benefits

“Although hiking can be tiring, it can also be therapeutic. A hike brings the hiker closer to nature, which can be peaceful and relaxing. People struggling with mental health issues are sometimes advised to go hiking.” – Unknown Author

8. Hiking in Australia: Bushwalking

“In Australia, it’s called bushwalking,” – Assistant

9. Hiking in the United Kingdom: Fell Walking

“In the United Kingdom, it’s called fell walking,” – Assistant

10. The World’s Tallest Mountain: A Hiking Destination

“The tallest mountain in the world, K2, is a well-known hiking destination. It has many unique trails that give hikers a fantastic view of the mountain’s flora and fauna.” – Assistant

11. The Best Time to Hike Depends on the Environment

“Depending on the environment, hiking can’t be categorized as a year-round activity. During winter, most trails are usually dangerous. The same applies to rainy and extremely hot weather. Therefore, hikers are advised to familiarize themselves with the weather conditions of their hiking trails in advance for the best experience.” – Unknown Author

12. Hiking and Animal Encounters

“Did you know that most animals are shifting from day to nighttime explorations in fear of hikers? All animals are scared of noises. Therefore, the more common hikers frequent a trail, the more animals are afraid of moving around during the day. This is why most animal encounters occur during night hikes.” – Unknown Author

13. Hiking for All Ages and Skill Levels

“Unlike most physical activities, hiking is one of the few options people of all ages can enjoy. Anyone can hop on a trail, whether they’re 4 years old or 70. Hiking trails are categorized to suit all skill levels; there are easy and complex trails.” – Unknown Author

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