11 Immersing GTA (Video Game) Facts

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11 Immersing GTA (Video Game) Facts

Grand Theft Auto Series: A Unique Open World Video Game Experience

The Grand Theft Auto series is a popular open-world video game that immerses players in various games set around an expansive world. At the core of this gaming experience are the activities such as driving, shooting, and stealing, which contribute to its “Grand Theft Auto” title.

A Rich History and a Global Impact

With over 190 million copies sold as of 2023, making it the highest-selling PC/console game of all time, this series has left a significant impact on the gaming world. In total, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has sold around 420 million copies.

Realistic Elements and Authenticity

One of the elements that contribute to the authenticity of Grand Theft Auto is its incorporation of real-world aspects, such as gangsters and criminal organizations. In an interview, Lazlow Jones, a prominent writer for the GTA series, mentioned that El Salvadorian gangsters were added to add authenticity to the game.

Uniquely Grand Theft Auto: Radio Stations and Music

The GTA series is also known for its unique radio stations, which feature real-life issues that affect Americans. Moreover, real people host most of the game’s radio stations, and the music played is licensed.

The Evolution of Open World Games

Grand Theft Auto’s development can be traced back to a video game called Race’n’Chase, which later evolved into the first Grand Theft Auto release in 1997. This open-world concept has since become a staple in many modern video games.

A Connection to the Underground Rap Scene

Shawn Fonteno, the actor who plays Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V, has an interesting background. Before landing the role, he was an underground rapper, and a documentary called “Beef 2” features him discussing his altercation with Ice Cube that occurred in the 90s.

The Role of Max Clifford and PR Strategies

David Jones, one of the co-creators of Grand Theft Auto, revealed in a 2012 interview that a PR guru named Max Clifford developed an idea to pay for negative reviews. This strategy reportedly worked wonders and led to more sales for the game.

World Records and Guinness Recognition

Grand Theft Auto has held several world records, including the Guinness World Record for most-viewed video trailer in 24 hours (GTA VI) and highest revenue in just 24 hours (GTA V).

Ocean Shark Attacks: A Surprising Element of the Game

In all Grand Theft Auto games, if a player dies in the ocean, they will encounter a shark attack. This realistic aspect adds to the immersion and excitement of the game.

The Enduring Legacy of Grand Theft Auto

One drawback to the Grand Theft Auto series is that players may find the gameplay repetitive once they’ve completed the main missions. However, “Create a Player” (CP) mode introduced in Grand Theft Auto Online offers players the opportunity to create and customize their own character while engaging in numerous side quests and interacting with other players.

GTA’s Influence on the Gaming World

The Grand Theft Auto series has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, with its innovative open-world concept, realistic portrayal of crime and gang activity, and engaging gameplay mechanics.

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